This web site is for use only by investors rehabbing houses in these markets:  

Dallas, Texas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Chicago, Illinois

Effective August 15, 2015 we are implementing this policy change:  
RMAC Lending will no longer make a loan to you as an individual.  You must form an entity such as a limited liability company, corporation or partnership and use that entity to purchase property.  RMAC Lending will then make the acquisition and rehab loan to that entity.   

We make loans through this web site to rehabbers and landlords for business purposes ONLY.  If you are seeking a loan to buy a house for you or for any family member to live in, then you may not use this web site.

Before proceeding, review the web pages using the links to the left for "THE PROCESS", "TERMS", "ARE YOU READY?" and "CHOOSE YOUR PROPERTY WISELY." You may then  return to THIS web page with the link, "LOANS".

Our initial set-up fee is $100, which defrays our costs in pulling a credit report, a background check, pre-qualifying you for the program and additional setup costs on our end.  This fee ensures that our time is spent on people who are serious, which allows us to give better service to our qualified customers.

Step One: Complete Customer Setup Form and Pay $100

Registration is OPEN

    (Customers who have been Pre-Qualified within the last 12 months may start on Step Two)


Customer Setup Form
(using your home address)

We must have all required fields(*) completed, including your Social Security Number, to begin the prequalification process.  For questions, call 405-418-5800.

First Name: *                     
Middle Name: *
Last Name: *
 US Citizen: *
Date of Birth: *
Social Security Number: *
Home Address: *
City: *
State: *
Zip Code: * (5 digits)
Home Phone:
Mobile Phone:
Email: *
  RMAC Lending has my permission to pull my credit report and to conduct a background check for pre-qualification purposes.
How did you hear about us?
(indicate all that apply) 

Google or other web search

Real Estate Club

After the form submission, you will be taken to a page on this SECURE web site to pay your fees.


Step Two:  Submit Financing Request and Pay $50 (this step is optional)

Customers who are pre-qualified and who have identified a residential property which they are interested in purchasing consider submitting a financing request before putting the property under contract to buy (although this step is optional).  We have limits on how much we will loan based upon Loan-to-Value ratios.  Read the Summary Loan Terms below and run your own numbers first.  If you believe that the project meets our program, submit your financing request to us in the form immediately below.

Submit Your Financing Request Here

Your Contact Information and
Property You Are Buying
 (not your personal home)

First Name:
Middle Name (or Initial):
Last Name:
Borrowing Entity Name:
Email address:
Subject Property Street Number:
Subject Property Street Direction:
Subject Property Street Name:
Subject Property City:
Subject Property State:
Subject Property Zip:
Subject Property After Repaired Value:
Subject Property Repairs Needed:
Subject Property Contract Price:
Option Fee:
Proposed Closing Date:
Additional Info (optional):
After the form submission, you will be taken to a page on this SECURE web site to pay your fees.


Step Three:  Receive Proposed Term Sheet

We will respond to your financing request either by declining the loan; or by proposing a non-binding term sheet.  This will give you an indication of the loan terms which might be available for the proposed loan.  It is non-binding upon both parties until a Property Valuation is ordered and completed.


Step Four:  Order a Property Valuation and Pay $750 (includes the appraisal)

Order a Property Valuation from us.  This valuation is done by us and includes a review of the scope of work, verification of the comparable sales data, and verification of the property characteristics.

Order the Property Valuation 

Use this form to order a Property Valuation.  Note that payment of the $750 non-refundable fee on the next screen is required before we do the Property Valuation.

Your Name: *
Your Email Address: *
Subject Property: *
  Ordering a Property Valuation and paying the fee does not obligate RMAC Lending to make a loan on the Property



 After the form submission, you will be taken to a page on this SECURE web site to pay your fees.


Step Five:  Proceed to Closing

We will be in contact with you by phone and/or in person to discuss in detail the repair budget, the repair schedule, and other matters relating to the loan.  Next, we will prepare our loan documents and notify the title company of our closing instructions.  You must obtain property insurance and RMAC Lending, LLC must be named as a "Mortgagee" on the policy as described in greater detail on this web site under "The Process".


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